A Multicultural MENU

The overall culinary experience features vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, hormone-free selections, shawarma-spiced rotisserie chicken, hummus made from organic chickpeas and homemade items such as pickled cauliflower and preserved lemon. Yafo’s drink menu will include beer and wine as well as innovative beverages such as freshly made cucumber mint limeade

We believe fast can still be homemade and a thoughtfully crafted dish can still be a good value. We believe complex flavors should originate from simple ingredients.

At Yafo Kitchen, we’ve put these beliefs into action. Because healthy doesn’t have to be complicated.

Honest + Authentic. That’s the Yafo way.

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  • YAFO FOOD 101
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  • Signature Items / Featured Items / Rotisserie Chicken / Mezze Plates / Family Meal / Kids Menu
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  • Build Your Own
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Where is YAFO?

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FS Food Group
Authentic. Approachable. Award-Winning.

Sunday thru Thursday 11AM / 9PM
Friday & Saturday 11AM / 10PM

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